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So I was watching this video on Youtube, and for a while most of the vids I watch are Islam related. Today while watching a Naseeha (Advice) Video to FouseyTUBE I realized that the concept of “Kalam Al Nas” (People’s talk) is not only Sudanese like. I know you would probably think “Oh ofcourse like society is this big circle we all live in and all that shit and stuff” or “You’re so small minded for thinking that” But I actually HATED, no, I RESENTED this idea of giving people to much credit for absolute and complete shit!
When it comes to me and most people who actually know me, know that i don’t generally give a fuck about anyone’s opinion, or I just don’t care in general. And, it’s both good and bad in some twisted (or not) ways.
Anyways, one time I was having a discussion with someone very dear to me and then they said to me (with full awareness of what they’re saying) : Alnas yagoolo 3alyna shnu? (What will people say about us)
This struck me like freaking lighting (not that I know how it feels or anything..) Anyway, I realized that we, as Sudanese (and now apparently everyone in the world) care so much for what people say other than anything else that’s much more important!
**This whole speech struck me when I was watching that Naseeha (Adivce) video.**
So since about September last year I started wearing a Tar7a (Head Scarf) and people, like freaking dogs smelling food from a gazillion meters away, came swarming and asking if i’m a Hijabi now. My answer would always be, InshaAllah! (If god wills) or No, not yet but soon! Or sometimes I would just smile. Some people were supportive and other weren’t very convinced i’m actually changing or whatever I was and would throw that snarking comment “Al bishoofik 7si ma yashoofik gbli kam youm” (If anyone sees you now would rather not see you before)
** still not to my point be patient with me
After several months later, I was going to a wedding. I decided not to wear a tar7a (head scarf) that day. But to be honest, I’ve already thought about it before like a million time. No, not the part of going to the wedding without a tar7a (head scarf) but the part were I don’t wear a tar7a (head scarf) at all. I wasn’t fully committed to Hijab in the first place, which is wrong! ”In al a3mal bilniy2at” («I don’t really know how to translate that into perfect english lol If someone would do it it’ll be awesome :)) but as far as I know wearing a tar7a without having the Niya do to it is just as bad as not wearing it! And I know Hijab isn’t a choice kinda thing but I don’t care if you judge me, I’d very much care about Allah judging me thank you very much!
Anyway after the weddings and the pictures were taken and all that stuff and the day was over, we went and had a sleepover at my friend’s house. She asked me if she could post the pictures.
I thought, “What would people think of me?” but at that very moment I remembered when THAT person said that to me and how much it affected me. Not a minute later I immediately replied to my friend with, It’s fine.
Over Yousef’s video, he said he was afraid he’ll let people down about the tattoo he’s got and over the Naseeha (Advice) video the guy told him you forgot that ‘that’ doesn’t matter and what AllahSWT thinks of you is what matters. And AllahSWT doesn’t care what people think of you so you shouldn’t care.
After all the comments about my hair, my hijab, my clothing and my deen (Religion) I really, really, really don’t give a fuck about anyone’s opinion. I still pray all my prayers, I do all the other Faraid (as far as I know haha) and I’m still hoping that Allah guides me to the way of better Ebadah and all.
PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS TALK AND PUSH THEIR UNNEEDED OPINIONS but, YOU can simply ignore them? Tell them off (don’t do that but it’s an option) or you can simply reply with what you believe but put Allah in your hearts first!
You shouldn’t really care for what people think, always care for what your creator thinks.
Muslim or not this still applies.
But what people normally don’t see is that, when they judge people they’re just drawing a wrong picture for themselves on purpose.
BUT, this is just my opinion. :) And If you’re still reading this (I hope) thank you!
Sorry for swearing (not really)


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